Thursday, November 15, 2012

My First Marathon & Bryan's First Cyclocross Race

It's been a year of running. It started with a 10K and then a half marathon. So I said to myself, "why not do a full marathon?!"

I am excited and proud to yell at the top of my lungs, "I ran my first marathon!" 26.2 miles. It took me 4:39. I didn't know it was humanly possible to run that long. Turns out, you can!

Four months of training, a lot of yoga, eating healthy, cutting back on vino, too many Cliff bars to count, a knee injury and one goal in mind...I was ready for race day!

6am ...a cold morning in Santa Barbara!!!
I wanted to play it safe and run with a pacer. I ran with Veronica, the 4:25 pacer (which was my goal time). Veronica is an angel. She had to hold the pacer sign the entire time. She encouraged us along the way, reminded us when to eat our Gu gel and to not get ahead of ourselves. She was awesome! 
Mile 15...still having fun!
I really enjoyed the race and felt great until mile 19.5. I grabbed some water and ran with it. When I drank the water, it went down the wrong pipe and I started choking, so I stopped for a split second. It was then that I saw my race goal slip away. I couldn't catch back up to the pacer and then at mile 20 my knee injury reared its ugly head.

Mile 20...The misery has begun!
I struggled through miles 20 – 23. Those three miles felt like an eternity. It was the most pain I have ever felt. Bryan was on his bike next to me encouraging and cheering me on. My body said, “stop running,” and my Detroit potty mouth was saying all sorts of things I won't repeat. 

Somehow I managed to pull through it. When people say the last 6 miles are a mental thing, I now know what they mean. At mile 23 (someone's sick joke) we had to run up a half mile hill. I faced that hill, ran up it and limped/ran like a zombie pirate (because my knee wouldn't bend) to the finish line. I dug deep, very deep and that's the part I am most proud of.
Mile 25... the End is near!
Look at that beautiful ocean. Who could be miserable while running with that spectacular view?!
I did it! I did it!!!! Where's the Beer Tent?
Thanks to my family and friends for your encouraging words and support. Thanks to Veronica, it was an honor to run with you. Thanks to my husband & son who had to put up with my Saturday long runs and my aches and pains. I am so blessed to have such great people in my life.

The day after my race, was Bryan's first Cyclocross Race. It was 35 minutes of pure hell fun! Four laps around a course featuring dirt, sand pits, grass and pavement. Downhill, uphill, sharp turns and barriers....oh my!
I'm ready to kick ass!
Bryan did great! It takes a lot of strength and endurance to do this type of race. Only bad asses are allowed to ride. He rocked it! I loved watching him race... and I got to use more cow bell. Great job Bryan!!! You look sexy in that bike gear! 

Way to go Bryan! 

Thanks Mom & Fred!
A neighbor asked us if we were pregnant!
Child birth, marathon....similar in pain!
Now it's time to rest and relax through the Holidays....and then do it all over again next year!


  1. Wow! You dug way deeper than I would have been able to. Just hearing that you had to cut down on wine was deep enough! Congrats on all your hard work!

  2. Hilarious Jamie! Thank you!!

  3. Woo hoo! Congrats! The pics are amazing. You both deserve to have an amazing holiday. And wine :)

  4. Thanks for your support Mel!!