Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crazy Clouds

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. Look at these magnificent pink, purple and blue clouds above our home at sunset (a couple weeks ago).

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Last January, I posted my three New Year's resolutions, "I want to run 1000 miles and another full marathon. I also want to start the process of having the city I live in “Ban the Bag.” Did I ever tell you I hate plastic bags?!

I accomplished one out of three. 

I ran another full marathon. I did not reach my goal of running a total of 1000 miles throughout the year, only 775 miles. I mainly wasn't able to achieve this goal due to injuries the first quarter of the year and then I took the month of December off to get fat and jolly. I am still very proud of myself for running 775 miles, that's more miles than I've probably run in my lifetime! 

My final goal was to "ban the bag." Back in March, during a City Council meeting, a courageous 7th grader beat me to the punch... urging a city ban on plastic bags. Rebekah Bearse said,"Plastic bags are a waste and that is all there is to it. This is a waste that can be prevented and stopped." She brought attention to possible toxins the community and wildlife are being exposed to and urged Murrieta to impose a ban.

In order for Rebekah's proposal to result in a vote, a council member needed to request it (which they wouldn't). 

Douglas Gibbs of Murrieta, disagreed with banning plastic bags. This is what he said, (I copied this from the City of Murrieta, City Council Minutes):

"Reusable bags could become a health hazard if they are not washed regularly. He shared the argument that if you do wash them, they can put dangerous chemicals in the water. Mr. Gibbs stated that the planet is resilient and does not need to be saved."

Our planet doesn't need to be saved? What the hell?! I can't believe I live here.

So, what are my plans for 2014? To run a 1000 miles and create a vision board on Pinterest of Bend, Oregon...where we will live someday.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweet Gum Ball Crafts

The Sweet Gum Ball Tree is known for its ball shaped, thorny seedpods. We have one of these wonderfully tall trees in our front yard. In the Fall, the leaves change to beautiful oranges and yellows.

I collect the seedpods throughout the year as they drop onto our lawn. Sweet gum balls are a natural, eco friendly item to use for all sorts of crafts. I enjoy them most in their natural state just thrown into a bowl or using them for place card holders.

Spray paint them gold or silver and make Holiday garland, ornaments or wreaths. Add them to a gift, in place of a bow. The ideas are endless.
Sweet Gum Balls in their natural state.
Spray painted silver and added to a gift.
Spray painted silver and added to a gift.
Spray painted silver, threaded and made into Holiday garland.
The sweet gum balls, from our southern California home, can be purchased at Jen's Backyard.