Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4 Ways to Use Egg Shells

There are several uses for egg shells. Here's how we use them at our home:
  1. Use egg shells as a seedling planter. This winter we saved our egg shells from our chickens. After cracking open to cook up some yummy breakfast, we rinsed the shells out and left them upside down to dry. Last week we filled the egg shells with soil and seeds, placed them in an egg carton and put them under fluorescent lights to germinate. To transplant into the garden, gently crack the shells so roots will reach the soil. 
     “Detroit Dark Red Beets” 
     “Black Cherry Tomatoes”
  2. Crush up the egg shells and throw them in the compost. Our compost goes into our garden beds, the calcium rich soil helps our garden grow.
  3. Feed back to your chickens...I know it sounds terrible, cannibalistic almost, but the calcium and grit that comes from the crushed up egg shells will benefit your flock. Make sure you clean the shells well, finely crush them up and mix in with their food.
  4. Prevent slugs from killing your garden. Place crushed egg shells around the stem of your plants. The roughness of the shell cuts the bodies of the slugs and eventually they learn not to slug around your territory any longer.
How do you use egg shells? Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yoga Journal Magazine Giveaway!

Win a free one-year subscription to “Yoga Journal” magazine.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Unique Items You Can Recycle

Hopefully by now we all are recycling on a regular basis. But what about those items that don't go in the "recycle bin?" Here's a list of 5 items that can be easily recycled:

Prom & Bridesmaid Dresses
Search http://donatemydress.org to find a local “dress drive” near you. The donated dresses are given to disadvantaged teenage girls looking for that perfect dress.

Yoga Mats
Clean it, roll it, mail it. Send in your yoga mat and receive a coupon for a new eco friendly mat. Go to http://recycleyourmat.com
Exercise Videos
Swap out your old videos with others at http://videofitness.com

Toothbrushes & Razors
Buy a recycled toothbrush or razor from Recycline, and they will take it back through their recycle program. Recycline products are made from Stonyfield Farms' yogurt cups. Go to http://recycline.com

Towels & Blankets
Donate old towels and blankets to your local animal shelters and rescues. Many shelters use the donations for bedding or drying animals after a bath. Call ahead to make sure they are accepting donations.

What are some unusual items that you've recycled lately?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jen's Backyard Opens on Etsy.com

My etsy.com shop is now open! I'm selling handmade greeting cards, gift tags, affordable jewelry and some vintage goodies. I'm inspired by our little urban farm, plus I'm happiest when I'm creating something! You can check out some of my products by clicking on my Mini Etsy to the right....or you can go directly to the shop at http://etsy.com/shop/jensbackyard

Introducing the Peacock Collection....

Set of Greeting Cards

Set of Greeting Cards

A special thanks to all of you who have made a purchase to help kick start my new business.  Let me know if there's something special I can create for you!