Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Unique Items You Can Recycle

Hopefully by now we all are recycling on a regular basis. But what about those items that don't go in the "recycle bin?" Here's a list of 5 items that can be easily recycled:

Prom & Bridesmaid Dresses
Search to find a local “dress drive” near you. The donated dresses are given to disadvantaged teenage girls looking for that perfect dress.

Yoga Mats
Clean it, roll it, mail it. Send in your yoga mat and receive a coupon for a new eco friendly mat. Go to
Exercise Videos
Swap out your old videos with others at

Toothbrushes & Razors
Buy a recycled toothbrush or razor from Recycline, and they will take it back through their recycle program. Recycline products are made from Stonyfield Farms' yogurt cups. Go to

Towels & Blankets
Donate old towels and blankets to your local animal shelters and rescues. Many shelters use the donations for bedding or drying animals after a bath. Call ahead to make sure they are accepting donations.

What are some unusual items that you've recycled lately?

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