Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who Knew Raising Chickens Would Be So Much Fun!?

Let me start by saying that I was raised a city girl, only having spent a week at my aunt's farm during my childhood....and even then I don't remember her having chickens only cows with lots and lots of poop! Chickens were never really in my plans. About two years ago my husband, children and I decided to take our “eco-friendly” living to a new level. It began with a small garden that eventually grew to a large organic vegetable garden. Then composting. Soon “sustainability” started to become the forefront of our homestead.

Next, downsizing the cars and riding our bikes as much as possible. You'll know if you're driving next to my husband in his “used volvo.” It smells like McDonald's....yep, the car runs on vegetable oil. He converted it and now he doesn't pay for gas and guess what? It's one less vehicle polluting the air! Oh, and our chickens came next! Ah, the girls...well, the first three turned out to be roosters!

Check back as I'll fill you in on some of our chicken musing, recipes and eco-friendly ideas.

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  1. How great that your car runs on veggie oil! It sounds like you are living an authentic life. :)