Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Crafty Husband...and Some New Chicks

We started off with three one week old chicks, Buff Orpingtons. We were told we had a 50/50 chance of them being hens. We lost. At four months old, the most dominant one, Tara, started her, I mean his pathetic crow. 

Frantic to find the rooster a home, Anna Egg, answered our Craig's List ad. No kidding, her name is Anna Egg. We started to pack Tara up for a car ride and low and behold the other two began crowing. Bad luck. Anna said she'd take all three and I found myself in a Target parking lot doing a “chicken deal.”

The beautifully crafted chicken coop my husband made from scratch, complete with a living roof, sat empty.

Off to the chicken ranch we went. Black Sparrow (Silver Leghorn), Yellow Soup II (another Buff Orpington) and Turk (Transylvanian Naked Neck) came home with us. And, yes, our kids named the chickens.

Addicted at this point, we went back for more...Rhinestone Slipper (miniature cochin) and Crazy Mary (Polish Hen). Rhinestone turned out to be a Roo too and back to the ranch he came from. I hope he wasn't someone's dinner...


  1. The living roof on the coop is a terrific idea! Good luck with the chickens.

  2. Jen, I just think your blogs are eggcellent.
    They really crack me up!

  3. Thanks Jennifer Tan! If you still lived in the area, we'd give you a basket of fresh organic eggs! I don't think they would mail well :)