Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY : Mexican Succulent Party Favors

While living in Southern California, I am able to enjoy my cactus and succulent collection year round. And, if you live close by, then you've probably received a succulent gift from me. I love coming up with creative ways to display my addiction. This new collection was Pinterest inspired. 

They were so simple to make and only cost a few dollars. Use them as party favors or decorations at your next mexican fiesta.

I found these mexican food cans at the grocery store for just .55 cents!
I then went to my local Farmer's Market and bought assorted cactus and succulents as well as a bag of cactus potting soil. The succulents were only $1.00 each. Buying from your local Farmer's Market is less expensive than buying from a big chain and you're helping support your local farmers. 

Empty and clean the cans. Fill the can with about 1 inch of potting soil. Cactus can be prickly and dangerous! Wear gloves and use thongs to pull the plant out of its container and to place into the can. Fill the cans with additional soil as needed.
You can be creative and add colored rocks, dry beans or dry peas on top of the dirt.
I decided to place my collection on our backyard fence. If you are going to use them as party favors, glue a name tag on a wooden popsicle stick and insert into dirt. The name can go on the front and "how to care for" instructions can go on the back. However you decide to use these little planters, they are sure to bring a smile to your guests and brighten up your fiesta!


  1. Uhm, this is the cutest idea ever! I would love these, they're so festive!!