Thursday, April 18, 2013

VW Bus...Need I Say More?!

So we went a little "hippy dippy" this past weekend...sold the old Volvo and bought a 1977 VW Westfalia Sage Green Bus with plaid interior. And let me tell ya, we haven't looked back. 

"I have to fit this in our garage?!" 

Jack digs the sink & stove. It even came with the original pots & pans.

Cooper looks like Scooby Doo, 
shall we call it the Mystery Machine?

Jack can't wait to go camping. 
It's a Camper/Pop- Up with two beds.

All original interior. She's in great condition.
Even has the old school blue California license plates.

Six more years Jack...

I'm still trying to master 1st gear.

We can't wait to take the Bus on exciting adventures with our kids...up the California Coast, camping, beach and desert trips. Nothing compares to this tin can. I've had a blast just driving Jack to school this week...I can't begin to imagine the life long memories we'll share in this old Bus.

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