Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Pet Chicken's Birthday

My pet chicken, Turken, turned a year old.  So, I did what any loving, pet owner would do. I gave her a little birthday party....and I'm probably going straight to hell because bbq chicken was on the menu. 

I also made "dirt" birthday cake for the humans and the chickens. I even created Turken a little party hat.

In case you're wondering....I haven't lost my mind. I'm just always looking for creative outlets and to show my son to have fun with life and to not take things so seriously.

My son had fun alright...he was laughing pretty hard when the chicken pee'd all over my fun farm dress while we were singing Happy Birthday. And like any kid, he wanted seconds of that yummy cake!
Freckles gets some bday cake.
Let this inspire you to go and do something different. Be bold, be daring, be unique. Your family (and pets) will thank you for it! 

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